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Hooshyar Khayam conducting - 30M Records

Hooshyar Khayam

Hooshyar Khayam (born 1978, Bedford) is an Iranian-British musician. He is active as a composer, pianist, teacher and producer. He specialises in contemporary classical, fusion/world music, and in music for

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Artist Bamdad Afshar, blue door background

Bamdad Afshar

Bamdad Afshar (born in 1986, Tehran) is a real multi-talent: music composer, sound designer, art director, record producer, and film score composer. He graduated with an MFA in music and

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Artist Dariush Gorgvand

Dariush Gorgvand

Dariush Gorgvand (Gorg), was born in 1989 in Tehran-Iran. He graduated in ICT from Amol institute of higher education in 2013. Gorg began his career as a documentary and news

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Dancer Shekiba Bahramian in concrete door

Shekiba Bahramian

Shekiba Bahramian was born 1996 in Shiraz, Iran. Coming from a Qashqaei culture rich in poetry, music and traditional dance, she taught herself dancing from a very young age without

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alireza jodey

Alireza Jodey

Alireza Jodey was born in Ghazvin, Iran, 1969. After finishing his diploma in architecture in Ghazvin in 1987, he moved to Tehran to finish his B.A. in painting at the

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