Stereotype on 30M!

STEREOTYPE is an Electronic Rock/Synth wave duo that came into being in 2020 amidst the chaotic underground music scene of Tehran. The band’s formation coincided with the global spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, which significantly influenced their creative process and perspective on songwriting.

The duo behind STEREOTYPE is Meshcut, vocalist and synthesizer player, and Xeen, producing and playing the electronics. Their musical journey led them to Istanbul, where they are currently based and actively performing on live stages.

Being born from the banned music scene in Iran, particularly for female artists has left a profound mark on their artistic expression. Despite the challenges they faced, STEREOTYPE have managed to create a unique blend of Electronic Rock and Synth wave, reflecting their shared musical perspectives and personal experiences.

With a passion for pushing boundaries and defying stereotypes, STEREOTYPE continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and thought-provoking music, breaking barriers and transcending cultural boundaries along the way.

Releases on 30M Records

  • EP due to be out in spring

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