ESFAND – 1st Single “Bibi Sāghi is out”!

Two sound inventors from The Hague, Netherlands. Iranian Rouzbeh Esfand and New Zealander Patrick Stewart are ESFAND.

File as: organic hybrid of Folk and Techno.

A unique blend of traditional Iranian sounds and contemporary electronic music, featuring vocal features by renowned Iranian artists. Ecstatic dance music to get lost in.

Esfand is the final month of the Persian calendar, ending with the Nowruz spring festival. ESFAND is also a band, founded in 2020, consisting of Rouzbeh Esfand and Patrick Stewart. A duo that fuses traditional Iranian Folk elements with Western beats to create something completely new.

The 1st single “Bibi Sāghi” from their upcoming debut album “Piltan” is a flamboyantly danceable statement. No crossover kitsch. Pure instinct music. ESFAND is century- and boundary-crossing music.

  • Album due to be out 14 june

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