A marriage of cultures and a homage to the wonders of being human is reflected in the sound of Esfand like hardly any other contemporary project. What Iranian Rouzbeh Esfand and New Zealander Patrick Stewart create on their debut EP “Hélé” (2022) is a new kind of electronic music that draws inspiration from the millennia-old Persian musical tradition as well as from modern club icons. Computer-generated rhythms meet Arabic scales, rituals and dances merge with synthesizers and drum machines to create a transcendent experience that has been tattooed into the DNA of people around the globe since the beginning of time. It is these pulsating births of tracks beyond conventional paths that release physically palpable energies and reveal a timeless soundscape during Esfand’s live shows that will resonate for a long time to come. An indescribable experience.

Releases on 30M Records

  • album due to be out late spring

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