Composer Saba Alizadeh releases touching single and video about life in Iran after 5 months of uprising

Single cover "Nafir"new single by Saba Alizadeh

Saba Alizadeh, Tehran based composer and kamancheh virtuoso releases a powerful new single and music video called “Nafir (Clamour),” which metaphorically depicts life in Iran after five months of protests. Alizadeh uses the ancient string instrument Kamancheh as a metaphor for the voices and cries of the oppressed, while the rhythm section represents the darkness and oppressors. The video, directed by Siavash Naghshbandi, showcases the Kamancheh’s voice and a beam of light, which brightens as the instrument grows louder. The music battles against a swarm of bullets and the rhythm section but eventually emerges victorious, ending in a bright warm light.

Check the single here!

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